Bronze Package

  • 2 Static Pages
  • No use of Templates
  • 3 Free Images


Silver Package

  • 5 Static Pages
  • No use of templates
  • 5 Free images


Gold Package

  • 7 Static Pages with Flash
  • Basic CMS
  • Domain Registration


Platinum Package

  • 10 Static Pages with Flash
  • Advance CMS
  • No use of Templates



Q: How much does it cost to design a website?

A: Our website estimate range is wide with very reasonably rated sites to exclusively tailored sites. Additionally we allow free hosting and absolutely free Email ID’s on the websites. The under mentioned link provides you with details of offers and estimates. Just go through the same to pick up the right choice for you -

Q: Do you need to pay all at once?

A: Clients have the option to pay in two break ups. You need to pay 50% as advance and the rest we will ask after the completion of the project. We can also mutually discuss the payment option depending on the deadline and the price. Our experience tells that most of the clients stick by paying in two parts as it is convenient for them to avoid frequent paying. This becomes possible as we offer service at really sensible costs.

Q: Is there any annual renewal fee or charge?

A: Yes, there is. The annual renewal fee is a nominal amount which is € 199 or its equivalent in different currencies. The first annual renewal fee has to be paid at the completion of 1 year after you register your domain. From then onwards, it has to be paid after every 12 months.

Q: Is there any annual renewal fee or charge?

A: Yes. There is a nominal annual renewal fee of € 199 or equivalent in other currencies. Your first annual renewal fee is payable at the end of 1 year from the day of registering your domain. And there after, every 12 months

Q: How is the domain name registered?

A: We will first find out whether the domain you have chosen is available or not. If it is not available, you will be provided with the closest alternatives and you can conveniently choose from them. After you zero in on one domain name, it will be booked by us immediately.

Q: Who is responsible for registering the domain name?

A: Usually the domain name is registered by us on your behalf. The package price includes the charges for domain registration. Therefore, even if you take the route of registering your own domain or give us a pre-registered domain, it will not lower the price. Thus, it is better to make use of the inclusive domain name that comes in handy with the pack.

Q: Is it possible to make changes to my own Website?

A: We have different packages with different offerings. In the high end packages we do have option to enable customer make changes to his website on his own. Kindly refer to the package details at

Q: Would you make changes to my site after completion, in case I need it?

A: We are available to serve you even after the site is complete. There are several maintenance plans available to help you stay tension free. We make sure that your site is always vibrant and fresh with new ideas.

Q: Should I purchase a domain or register one for myself?

A: You need not do this. A very significant aspect of this package would be the involvement of domain registration for which is offered for free.

Q: I already have a registered domain name?

A: You will not face any trouble with this. We would be glad to successfully transport your brand new website of your business to the domain name which already exists. This would come for no additional fees at all.

Q: How long will it take to build my site?

A: The development of the site will clearly depend on the requirements of your site. We aim to deliver your website within 4 weeks.

Q: Would you be able to provide pictures and graphics that are relevant to my Business?

A: We would be able to do that. Business Design Solution has the competence to offer its customers with pictures, graphics and photos which pertains to your trade and business. This would assist you to come up with a efficient and dexterous designs for your company.

Q: Is there a maintenance fee?

A: Maintenance fee is optional and as per client requirement. Once we complete the job we provide you with control panel details as well as the completed website. Therefore the responsibility is transferred to the owner along with the website. No costs are involved here. Again, we do have clients who pay us monthly maintenance charges in case they do not have the resources to do changes or they do not want to take the trouble to do technical troubleshooting. This is an optional service that we provide and it’s customized as per client requirements. However, in certain cases where your website stops functioning consequent to a technical error, we solve it at no cost.

Q: How do I know that Web Design Solution is Secure?

A: It is secure. All the websites of Business Design Solutions are very safe and secure. You must note that there is 24 hours supervision on each and every package of hosting. In addition, it also has a protection for virus, there is a backup for its database for all its websites.

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